Latest GPGnet v1.5.225.1~ Download Link
- Add support for Space Siege
o Space Siege game lobby added
o Support added for backend Space Siege server connectivity
- Multi-server connectivity enhancements
o Available client interface elements are configured appropriately for the actively selected server and game.
o Certain features within GPGnet are available or unavailable depending on actively selected game (e.g. Tournaments, Vault, and World Map are not available for Space Siege)

Team reporting update.

World map is more intelligent about memory it uses.
Fixed a problem with game reports that was affecting teams where the gathering would disband before all players had reported in.
You now return to the last chatroom after a team game.

World map in it's final form is back.
Arranged teams have a new formation screen we are testing.
Multiple fixes to the backend for team reporting.
Various but fixes.

Automated Ranked search now expands the rating threshhold by +- 25 points every 30 seconds.
Refined UI in various areas to match marketing spec.
It should no longer be possible to pound the play now button.
Player names are not visible in automatch. Cancel button remains on Acknowledged now that the name is gone.
Changed how teams are assigned in reporting arranged team games.
Upped timeout on CD Key validation to hopefully counter invalid cd key messages on slow systems.
Fixed clan invalid id apon leaving.
Various other bug fixes.

Added replay search functionality.
Added replay rating and comments functionality.
Emotes in chat now display the same size as in the emote manager.
Chat icons no longer drift.
Game report submissions have changed for automatches.

Introduced world map functionality. This will let you browse friends, clanmates, top10, and game reports as they happen on the world map. Players who are cannot be resolved end up in Antarctica.
Added a go away checkbox for replay submissions.
Added some extra work to connectivity to help race conditions introduced with replicated databases and getting the player list to NAT traverse in a game.
Fixed some reporting bugs for web statistics and main GPGnet statistics.

Arranged team members were not always returning to chat correctly.
Friends tab now appears with information when you have no friends.

Fixed an emote crash.

Compressing replays.
Fixed a chat bug causing dropped messages.
Updated the patching system to support individual supcom files.

Added a custom emote system. The display is server side configurable.
Added the ability to assign icons to players. Icons are fetched via a web url. Only GPG can
assign chat icons.
/chicken and /canadian now work for admins.
Added a replay submission manager.

Arranged teams reporting fix. The winners and losers of the game are no longer appearing out of
order and messing up whether or not it attempts to report the game.

Changed how games are logged for faster reporting and fewer dropped games.
Fixed many localization issues.
Added tracking for custom games to determine hosted, launched, completion, and failure rates.
Various bug fixes.

Performance optomization and monitoring.
Various bug fixes.

1.5.35 - v1.5.37
Internal builds

Added a registration form for use on Supcom Install.

Addresses performance issues with chat starting to lag after being on GPGnet for a certain amount of time.
New Feature: GPGnet will exit you from a chatroom after being inactive for a certain period of time.
You can now get clan profiles from clan rankings.
Fixed crashing that could occur when exiting Supreme Commander and returning to GPGnet.
Draws or mutal destruction no longer result in a win for one player.
Various bug fixes.

Internal build

Significant change to communication scheme between Supreme Commander and GPGnet that addresses issues with antivirus and network management software that caused application hangs; as well as addressing issues with keyboard/hotkey software that caused the game to freeze.
Adjustments to Arranged Teams to account for too many players incorrectly joining/exiting teams.
New feature: GPGnet Knowledge Base. Online help system allowing users to search for help items by related keywords.
Various bug fixes.

New feature: Arranged Teams. Players can now organize teams and launch automatch searches for other teams.
New feature: Change user account name. At login, players can choose to change their username. Usernames are automatically updated everywhere within the application. However, rankings and records always remain intact.
New feature: Play Right Now button speeds access to 1v1 ranked matches by automatically launching game searches using last known automatch preferences.
Addressed various performance issues related to threads inappropriately using system resources.
Additional optimizations for chat to correct issues of players not seeing one another promptly.

Variousbug fixes.

1.5.28 - 29
Internal build only.

Significant optimization to chat; users with older versions will be unable to effectively chat with users of this version.
Various bug fixes.

1.5.26 (Beta 38)
Fixed crash bug related to COM calls, related to failures to launch GPGnet.
Various bug fixes.

Internal builds only

1.5.23 (Beta 30)
Included ability for users to password-protect games.
Included ability for users to use additional right-click context-menu features within the main window of chat.
Fixed bug where some users were experiencing connectivity issues when attempting to automatch while in crowded chat room.
Adjusted focus of private messages to prevent messages from stealing focus from each other.
Various fixes for users not appropriately being returned to chat rooms after exiting games.
Various fixes for application crashes.

1.5.19-22 (Beta 30)
Internal builds only

1.5.19 (Beta 27-30)
Adjusted automatching to provide better indications for users when automatches fail.
Added improved ability for users to cancel automatch searches.
Sorted chat lists alphabetically.
Various fixes for GPGnet chat issues, including lagginess and crash when attempting to post an HTML link.
Improved front-page stats refreshes.
Adjusted back-end systems to automatically create chat rooms when they are full.
Updated profanity filter file.
Various fixes for display of player profiles -- Fixes rankings display and fixes problem with player profile descriptions not being saved

1.5.18 (Beta 27)
Adjusted autopatching to properly handle GPGnet and SupCom.

Internal builds only

1.5.15 (Beta 20)
Fixed situation where users were able to join games before patching.
Fixed chat channel fail-over conditions; now correctly flushing unused channels.
Fixed situation where users were able to host games while simultaneously searching for a ranked game.
Updated profanity filter file.

1.5.14 (Beta)
Fixes the process for how automatched ratings were being recorded.
Various fixes for errors with clan-creation and management
Map name and max players now appearing correctly on Join Games screen.

1.5.13 (Beta)
Updates SupCom patch-brokering process.
Adjusts Quazal server-side scripts to improve prompt detection when players join and leave gatherings.
Updates terminology of product in several locations to GPGnet: Supreme Commander.

1.5.12 (Beta)
Beta version -- Now connects to Quazal beta backend for improved functionality.
Beta version -- Now requires a beta key in order to launch GPGnet: Supreme Commander.
Beta version -- Accounts set up on the development servers do not carry over to the beta servers. Users must re-create accounts, as desired.
Modified autopatch procedure for both GPGnet: Supreme Commander and the GPGnet-brokered patch of Supreme Commander.
.EXE detection defaults to true, and first attempts to locate the beta .exe. Application prompts you to browse for one if the beta is not detected.
Added additional automatching functionality -- detecting maps and factions, and properly detecting victories.
Fixed Options to correctly detect and set changes to options.
Fixed scroll bars in private messages.
Added ability for users to adjust chat line spacing.
Various fixes to friends and clans notifications.
Various other fixes to chat and application UI.

1.5.10 - v1.5.11
Several improvements to the application's UI, including a new bottom-row Command Bar, improved chat behavior on private messages and consistent font/color applications throughout the application.
Fixed how inactive games were being flushed from the game list.
Various fixes for clan and friends behaviors.
Added right-click filtering ability to chat rooms -- you can now filter by friends, clans, admins, etc., or clear chat entirely. You can also highlight a chat entry and copy it to your clipboard.
Added ability to see when friends and clan members have created and joined games. Notifications include links to join those people in games.
Fixed friends login notification to prevent it from stealing focus from the application.
Fixed ability for users to change their account passwords.

1.5.7 - v1.5.9
Various UI fixes.

Corrected auto-patching problems for RTPatch and ClickOnce release schemes, ensuring that versions are fully synched.
Improvements to chat scroll bars and chat lists to correct auto-scrolling and collapsing container bugs.
Corrected error where users were not being properly removed from chat rooms upon exiting the application.
Login window UI updated to ease account management.
Enumeration issue corrected between versions to correct private message errors.
Quazal sandbox servers updated to R12 server code version.
Various back-end fixes. to v1.5.0.39
Various back-end fixes.
Standalone installer released for GPGnet: Supreme Commander, now featuring a WinForms-based UI, DevExpress controls and several new features.