Supreme Commander News

2011-05-24 15:58:45

Chris Taylors 2nd live Chat

Chris Taylor will be talking live on GPGnet. For more information please visit ~

2010-10-05 05:58:45

GPGNet Server Maintenance Oct 10th

The GPGNet Servers will undergo maintenance on Sunday, Oct 10th at 10AM EST. Expected duration is 2 hours.

2009-09-29 07:05:56

2v2 and 3v3 Map Rotations Updated.

The map rotations for ranked 2v2 and 3v3 have been updated. The new rotations are:
Emerald Crater, Syrtis Major, Arctic Refuge, Four-Leaf Clover, Blasted Rock, Saltrock Colony, Fields of Isis, Haven's Reef, The Wilderness
Burial Mounds, Roanoke Abyss, Crossfire Canal, Open Palms, Seton's Clutch, White Fire, The Ditch, Thawing Glacier, The Scar

2009-07-10 15:30:00

GPGNet instability updates

The changes we have made over the last couple weeks have stabilized GPGNet and then some. One component that is disabled until further notice is the Replay Vault's "Top Rated" link, which was especially problematic.

Another long-term change is the frequency with which player awards was updated. Previously the process would be run every hour, and until further notice it will only run once per day at 08:00 GMT.

2009-06-10 05:27:58

New 1v1 Map Rotation

The Map Rotation for 1v1 games has now been updated.

New maps are: Saltrock Colony, Four-Leaf Clover, Varga Pass, Roanoke Abyss, Sentry Point

Retired maps are: Winter Duel, Daroza's Sanctuary, Vya-3 Protectorate, Arctic Refuge, Fields of Isis

2009-05-13 02:59:09

Crispy Gamer Developer Origins

Chris was asked to contribute to the Developer Origins feature of Crispy Gamer's website. See origins and suggestions for breaking into the game industry by Chris and many other top developers HERE.

2008-11-12 04:49:01

Supreme Commander 2 Announced

Square Enix and Gas Powered Games are excited to announce a strategic partnership, and that development has started on Supreme Commander 2.

Square Enix is best known for its Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest series of games.

We're not releasing any details about features, supported platforms, or the ship date for Supreme Commander 2 at this time.

The full press release can be found here.

2008-09-17 09:49:41

Demigod Beta goes Live

Following a tremendous showing at this year's Penny Arcade Expo (PAX), the much anticipated Demigod Pre-Order Beta is now live.

Demigod's publisher Stardock will continue to provide limited access to the Betas through pre-order signups.

If you missed the first set, head on over to the official Demigod website to find out when the next cycle begins, and join our growing community of enthusiasts and Beta testers.

2008-08-11 06:35:27

Space Siege Available Now!

The final defense of humanity begins today! In Space Siege, a thrilling action-RPG adventure, you assume the role of Sgt. Seth Walker and wage war against humanity's would-be executioners, the alien race known as the Kerak. Wield high-powered weapons, unleash your robot companion and make the ultimate moral decision -- how much of your humanity will you sacrifice in order to save the human race?

Published by Sega, Space Siege is now available at finer retailers everywhere, including, in case you prefer to purchase a copy online.

2008-08-07 05:36:04

GPGnet Maintenance Friday, August 8th

GPGnet will be undergoing system maintenance from 10:00PM PST - 10:30PM PST on Friday, August 8th. GPGnet Web Sites and Services including the replay service will be unavailable during this time period.

2008-08-05 12:18:04

GPGnet v1.5.225.1: Impending Release Notice

A new version of the GPGnet client will be made available Wednesday, August 6th, at 10:00AM PST. The primary changes are to support accessing the Space Siege Server and Space Siege game hosting and joining ability (with a valid Space Siege install and CD key, of course). A data placement issue with our existing client was found and corrected during this work.

While visible changes are few for existing users, they do include some minor text and image changes to create a more game-agnostic GPGnet client UI. Also, the Server selection drop-down will be available on the login dialog allowing the choice of logging into either the Supreme Commander Server or the Space Siege Server; current SC and FA users should log into the Supreme Commander Server, of course.

We appreciate everyone's continued patience with any issues found during this period. If you encounter any new issues with this version, please visit the GPGnet Tech Support section of the GPG Forums to help us collect and filter information with our SupComm community neural network.

2008-07-28 03:52:40

Watch the Demigod Trailer

The official trailer for Demigod has been released, and the response has been incredible. If you haven't watched the trailer yet, simply head over to Gamespot to see why Demigod will be one of the hottest games of 2009.

And when you're done watching the trailer, be sure to read Gamespot's exclusive interview with GPG's Chris Taylor and Stardock's Brad Wardell.

2008-06-24 11:53:12

Supreme Commander 360 On Sale

The 360 version of the best-selling and award winning Supreme Commander is now on sale. Developed by our friends over at Hellbent Games and published by the fine folks at Aspyr, Supreme Commander 360 features the same amazing, strategic gameplay that made the PC version such a hit.

If you'd like to purchase Supreme Commander 360, simply head on over to Gamestop.

2008-06-24 11:52:30

Supreme Surrender

The crazy maniacs over at Rooster Teeth (creators of the insanely popular Red vs. Blue series for Halo) have turned their attention to Supreme Commander 360.

Entitled "Supreme Surrender", this new series details what happens when robots try and surrender to each other. (Needless to say, hilarity ensues.)

To watch the first episode, just follow this link.

2008-02-28 10:20:18

Patch Notes

Both GPGnet and Forged Alliance have new patches. FA is now on Version 3599. The major changes include:

Comments on 3599 can be posted on our forums at this link:

GPGnet is now on version This is purely a bug fix release with no new features.

2008-01-14 12:00:44

New Avatars and Awards

We have added some new Avatars and Awards to shoot for in GPGnet! The #1, #2, and #3 avatars are now game specific. Supreme Commander will keep the old avatars, while Forged Alliance and Sudoku gain their own unique avatars. Sudoku now has time awards available. If you complete a ranked game in less than 10 minutes, you will receive a special award for it. If you complete a ranked game in less than 3 minutes, you will get a special avatar. Happy gaming!

2008-01-14 11:56:06

The Vault Update

We have updated GPGnet to make Maps and Mods in the vault game specific. It works the same way other game specific things work in GPGnet. If you have selected Forged Alliance, you will see the Forged Alliance Vault, Ratings, and Replays etc.

Because GPGnet was running in mixed mode up until this change, we are not fully able to separate existing maps and mods. Any map or mod made before November of last year will automatically be put into Supreme Commander. Maps and mods created after that time and before this change will appear in both vault sections until the author updates their content in the mode they wish it to appear.

2007-12-18 04:04:41

GPG's Sudoku-MP Released!

A little Christmas present from your friends at GPG - In the Vault, under Applications, you'll find our first casual game! This is a single player OR multiplayer version of Sudoku we call Sudoku-PM. You can play it alone against the clock, head to head in a rated/ranked game, or get 20 of your closest friends to join you in a custom free for all! Enjoy! - The GPGnet Team

2007-12-17 02:44:30


GPGnet is now available. Just log into GPGnet to get the latest!

One new feature of GPGnet is under Tools -> Options -> Supreme Commander, you can toggle Live Replay support. When set to true and using Forged Alliance, this will broadcast a live replay whenever you play a custom or ranked game. Remember, when Live Replays are enabled, you will not be able to save a replay to the vault afterwards.

We have also fixed various bugs in this build. One important one is whenever our vault servers go down, it will no longer lag the chat list out waiting to download award and avatar icons.

Another bug fix is for users who are running non-english localizations (French, German, etc), vault replays were not saving correctly. They will now save to the vault.

2007-11-09 05:52:52

Forged Alliance Patch

We have released a patch for Forged Alliance. This patch only removes Secure-Rom. It will not invalidate existing replays.

2007-11-06 03:56:39

GPGnet Challenge Ladders Roll Out!

Head to Head matchups have a new outlet on GPGnet - our Challenge Ladders! Challenge ladders enter their beta season for all three games - Supreme Commander, FA Beta, and Forged Alliance Retail. Read about challenge ladders at Here, and join them via the Ladder menu!

2007-11-02 04:06:24


This version of GPGnet has some CD Key form updates. Whenever a key is redeemed, GPGnet will scan for any other accounts that have the same email address first, and notify you of them before you attach it. This is to help prevent issues where you have 2 accounts for 2 different keys. Remember, to get all factions in Forged Alliance, you must have 1 GPGnet account with both the original Supreme Commander, and Forged Alliance.

2007-10-26 04:32:28

GPGnet patch

This version of GPGnet is a hotfix to disable the window fading feature. This was causing certain windows to remain invisible after the first selection as well as extreme slowness on a small amount of systems. No other changes are in this patch.

2007-10-19 11:14:38

Community Merge

Please view this important topic about the Forged Allaince BETA community being moved onto the main server with everybody else.

2007-10-19 09:40:22

GPGnet Maintenence today

GPGnet will be undergoing maintenance from 10:00am PST through 1:00pm PST today (10/19/07). The server may undergo a series of reboots during this time. Ranked games that are in progress will fail to report upon completion if it occurs. We will try to minimize the number of restarts required.

2007-09-04 05:17:08

Welcome to GPGnet!

GPGnet Front Page Update

We've updated the welcome screen of GPGnet to provide more information of interest. With our next patch to GPGnet, we'll be able to hyperlink all key information from this page where only some information is linked at this time. Enjoy! - The GPGnet Team

2007-06-22 02:29:15

GPGnet released

This version of GPGnet contains our new awards system! Please visit our forums for the latest information:

2007-06-19 02:10:08

Supreme Commander Hotfix 3255

Supreme Commander has been patched to version 3255. This has a fix for a desync exploit. There were also some balance changes in this version:

2007-06-06 17:59:23

Supreme Commander Support

General game support; SecureROM and disk authentication issues; and Direct2Drive issues

GPGnet Knowledge Base
→ Go to Help > Knowledge Base

GPGnet Forums

2007-06-06 04:17:51

Supreme Commander Hotfix 1.5.3254 Released

You'll find release notes for this hotfix Here

2007-05-30 03:11:40

GPGnet Release 1.5.83

This release of GPGnet has two major features:

The Vault

You'll find user maps and more in GPG's new content repository for Supreme Commander. Map creators can upload their content, and all users are welcome to download the content. GPG will soon be adding more exciting content to The Vault!

GPGnet Tournament Support

Over the next few weeks, GPG will be running 'shakedown' and test tournaments with this new feature of GPGnet. This is a beta release for live system testing with our users.

You'll find the release notes for other fixes and additions to GPGnet posted Here

2007-05-29 06:46:34

ACU Upgrade Exploit

Information has spread about an 'instant upgrade' ACU exploit. While this will soon be addressed, we must again remind players, especially those in ranked games, that use of such an exploit is cheating and the perpetrators will face serious consequences including removal from the ladder and more. We do not tolerate cheating. Anyone who would use so obvious and easy to detect an exploit will certainly get what they have coming. More information to come.

For clarity, The Aeon sacrifice capability on upgrades is not considered an exploit. Any use of the sacrifice ability on a paused upgrade IS considered an exploit and will be dealt with as described above.

2007-05-21 03:59:38

Version 3251 Patch Notes

Version 3251 has been released. You will find patch notes at

GPGnet General Forum

As a reminder: The Replay Vault has been cleared. The Replay Vault will be left up; please note that if you have changed your replay save directory you should change it back to the default. Also, it is important that you remove your mods until they have been reworked for the new version.

2007-03-14 12:39:54

System Maintenance

On Thursday, March 15th 2007 we will be performing a scheduled maintenence on the GPGnet servers. The expected downtime will be less than an hour. Maintenence will begin at 4:00am PST.

2007-03-02 12:11:14

GPGnet News: Expected downtime

GPGnet will undergo a period of expected downtime for routine system maintenance.

No patch updates will be released at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience.

2007-02-27 09:35:37

Arranged Teams temporarily disabled

GPGnet has temporarily disabled Arranged Teams functionality for system maintenance. This gameplay mode will be returned in the near future. We apologize for the inconvenience.

2007-02-26 16:44:21

SupCom update: 3217b

GPGnet is now delivering an updated SupCom 3217 patch -- 3217b -- that addresses issues with 'Missing or Invalid Registry/INI entry' error reports.

Please note the following:

2007-02-15 17:38:15

GPGnet Knowledge Base

GPGnet users can access the Knowledge Base for most of the common questions about Supreme Commander and GPGnet. The Knowledge Base is a live database of the most recent information for players.

Access the Knowledge Base by going to Help > GPGnet Knowledge Base